Out There Outfitters is locally owned and operated by Zeke and Tory Sieglaff.  In 1997 Zeke and Tory opened their first shop, Boca Grande Outfitters.  Three years later Tampa Bay Outfitters was born. After a phenomenal fifteen year run, Zeke and Tory sold the shops and moved to Pennsylvania. They laid low for a year and scoped out the territory before collaborating with their friends at Patagonia to determine the best location for Out There Outfitters.

Clifford Gilbert

Shop General Manager & Merchandiser

In the wake of Elise and other creative minds before him, Clifford has made a home here with the OTO team as the main merchandiser.  You may have seen him wiping tables at Teresa’s Next Door or trimming roses in a town yard but not any longer.  Clifford is constantly learning to hone his creative outlet by keeping our store fresh and fun for the community.  Having lived here since 2009, he has nestled himself in Wayne as an uplifting smile for anyone’s bad day.  Outside of our walls, you might see him around town!  Otherwise, he may be lost in some headphones or working on his next t-shirt design…

Personal Style:

In his off-time the roots of his style could be seen in a Puff Daddy video so Clifford has presented a laid back vibe to the shop.  To him, one rarely commits a fashion mistake as you’ll see him combine something like Chaco’s and socks, often a frowned upon wardrobe choice.  All in all, we are glad to have the style diversity!

How can he help you:

After working with us for a few years, Clifford has gained a good grasp on our inventory.  From trail running to putting on that new Johnnie-O, he feels confident to adequately direct you toward the garment you’re looking for.  Ask him about layering systems.

Evan Palazini

Adventurer & Gear Specialist

Evan has become OTO’s adventurer, cutting time between working for us here in town but also testing our gear out in the wild.  Evan began his dreams of working outside for most of the year as an instructor with Outward Bound Philadelphia in the summer of 2016.  We have grown to really appreciate his first-hand experience with brands like Arc’Teryx and Patagonia and he has vastly improved our customer service front with this knowledge.  When he is not at the shop he can be found climbing, playing disc golf, or helping strangers with flat tires.  Evan believes it is important for all of us to be at least a little bit aware of what to do if ever caught in a situation outdoors.

Personal Style:


Evan is plugged into the urban youth vibe.  He has an affinity for ink and often can be found wearing various shades of grey, but Evan keeps us on our toes as he recently acquired a Patagonia Nano Air in bright orange (we refer to it as his technicolor dreamcoat). He is a true renaissance man indeed.  Evan has grown to love the many different flannels that we carry.

How can he help you:

Evan has a commanding knowledge of the technical aspect of our inventory.  Whether you are looking for gear for your next adventure or simply trying to understand the benefits of the technical fabrics involved in a sunshirt or even a pair of hiking socks. Ask about anything Arc’Teryx.

Liz Gibbons


Liz may be the most well versed clothing specialist in the store behind Zeke and Tory.  She hails from Michigan, spent time in Alaska after college working for Denali National Park, and began her love of outdoor clothing with Patagonia Headquarters right in Ventura, California. Now, Liz lives in Havertown with her husband, two sons, and dog Charlie. When she is not at work she enjoys spin class, playing ice hockey, and catering to her three picky eaters.  Thankfully, she is able to sustain a part-time gig with Whole Foods where she has grown fond of the many different types of cheeses they carry!


Personal Style:

Liz absolutely loves showing up to work boasting a beautifully colored Patagonia Snap-T from ten to fifteen years ago.  Over the years she has acquired some of the industries finest, often turning not only the heads of customers but also making her fellow employees gawk.  Since she has been in the game a while, she can put nearly anything together and make it work.  You’ll find her in jeans and Nike trainers, a cotton dress from Toad n’ Company, or one of Patagonia’s many sweaters.  She can make flashy necklace look like it was made for her outfit.

How can he help you:

Liz went to school for fabrics and garments and therefore has a deeper set of special skills to bring to the floor. With that and also having two young boys herself, she knows how to wash it, treat it, dry it, hang it, and wear it.  Ask her about her Toad n’ Company favorites.