Camping display pic for OTO blog
Whether you’re venturing out into the wild to camp atop a mountain, or dancing your way to a camping music festival, here are ten things you cannot forget in your triumphant pursuits. Get outside this summer and go camping at the many nearby locations including: Ricketts Glen State Park with a trail that follows along 22 named waterfalls, Wolf Rocks–part of the PA Appalachian Trail, and the Delaware Water Gap which has some amazing vistas to gaze out from. If you’re looking to see some live music along the way, checkout camping festivals like The Hudson Music Project, Gathering of the Vibes, or Peach Music Festival.
Where ever you decide to “light your fire”, here are some packing suggestions to help you have the most enjoyable experience possible:
  1.   Hiking Pack – the Patagonia Ascensionist pack is a perfect bag for an overnight camping trip. It comes in a variety of colors and fits just enough so you’re not tempted to over pack, but no essentials will be left behind. 
  2. Stuff Sack – Wrap everything up in the “stuff sack” to keep your belongings dry and fresh when you run into those unexpected summer showers. We have Outdoor Research 10, 15 and 20 liter bags.
  3.   Leatherman Multi Tool – For all of those manly (or womanly) tasks you take on out in the wild, the Leatherman Multi Tool pocket knife is perfect for putting your skills to the test. Hunt some animals, cut some ropes, prepare good food, and protect yourself against any lurking predators…You never know when Big Foot may make his next appearance!
  4.  Outdoor Research Sunhat – Enjoy the shady offerings of the OR Sunhat. Spare your skin and keep those pesky bugs out of your eyes. Nothing is getting in your way this trip!
  5. Camelback Water Bottle – The most important thing you can do for yourself is stay hydrated. Keep that water cool and BPA free with one of our many Camelback water bottles.
  6.  Insect Repelling Buff – Sweet skin? Tie this baby around your head or neck and worry about bugs no more!
  7. Garmin Watch – Time flies when you’re having fun–especially in the woods. Quit saying it’s half past a freckle, get a watch.
  8.  Sunglasses – Keep your eyes on the path ahead as you sport a nifty pair of shades. Come in to check out our variety of Smith and Maui Jim sun glasses.
  9. Smartwool Socks – When in doubt, don’t forget the Smartwool. Great for keeping your feet dry, fresh smelling, and blister-free. 
  10.  Handmade mugs – Last but certainly not least, snuggle up in front of the fire with some hot tea in a beautifully handmade mug, made by the local artist T.E. Forester. Cheers to summer fun!
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