OTO's Sarah McDonald & The Grassroots Podcast

Last month, Dana Howe, the VP of GOA, asked our very own, Sarah McDonald, co-owner of Out There Outfitters, to be a guest on her podcast to share her experience in Washington, DC advocating for fair credit card processing fees for small businesses, like ours. In this episode, hear how Sarah has stepped up to work with the National Retail Federation to help pass legislation introducing reforms that have the potential to save American businesses and consumers an estimated $15 billion per year. She also discusses her journey into ownership of Out There Outfitters and the support she receives from her community in Wayne, PA.
Grassroots Outdoor Alliance (GOA) is a retailer-owned active network of 101 independently owned outdoor retailers and 69 vendor partners, working together for the health and growth of specialty outdoor retail. Grassroots Outdoor Alliance is recognized as a catalyst for the success of its retailers and vendor partners; an advocate for specialty independent retail; a promoter of education and community within the specialty channel; and a key influencer of the national outdoor industry.

 This is a great one and absolutely worth 31 minutes of your time to listen!

link: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-grassroots-podcast/id1738101571